The Early Years

by Insomniac Folklore

Beauty's in the eye of the beholder, and the only one who's looking is me. Maybe if you weren't so darn pretty, maybe I could stand a chance. Well I don't know why its true, I don't know why the sky is blue, I don't know when life concludes but I have these feelings for you. fireflies dance in our eyes as we lay in the grass beneath the night skies. Your sunflower eyes.
Cigarettes 02:53
Rainy days and cold whether makes the cigarettes taste so much better, uh hu, well I don't know but it seems to me it seems today aint getting much better, uh hu, then you turn the porch light on, come to the screen door with slippers on could we please step away to a new day, where the sky aint so gray, a new hope, hope says we can stay, a new joy, one that wont fade away, a new love that never dies, when we don't seem to understand we can just hold each others hand could we please step away. no one can touch you now.
3. Seventeen, no more time to dream Life is only for important things No more time for joy or sorrow Live again for tomorrow and tomorrow Oh At such a young age I could not believe That life was already killing me And I don't know where I'm going from here But I'll survive. Nights are cold and they're getting longer I grow old not getting any stronger. I don't mind hanging out with friends all day Because I've got all night to be alone
Terrified 02:52
4. I just might tell you that I lost my vigor in a fight, but the truth may be I lost the fight in my vigor. Nothings really changed with me but nothings quite the same. Lay it all down, put your eros to sleep, let it lie in slumber, till shes yours to keep. Pray now for you only fall when you think yourself strong, rest now for your trials make haste, learn now for there is no going back. Its all I want in life, the mystery I wish you would reveal, I know what I want but is it what you have for me. Nothing has really changed with me but nothings quite the same, nothings really changed with me but the questions get re-arranged. Im still terrified.
Lazy Train 04:03
Lazy train, get out of my way I'm in a hurry today At another time I'd be riding your rails but I've got places to be. Well I slipped in past my boss and shout halleluiah as I clock in just a little late Oh forgive me Lord, You know that I try, yeah, You know that I try. Well I met this fella out in front of the store And we talked of many things And we talked of religion and we talked about love For surely these are from above. I can hear the angels singing, it must be time for lunch So I climb up onto the roof As I see the ground below, I can't believe my eyes oh my, oh my, John. And the train came barreling down And I scream without making a sound And he stood in stone silence and I, disbelief As he did not get out of the way. Well I couldn't tell my family, I couldn't tell my friends I climbed up into my room As I fall to the floor, I can't believe my eyes Oh my, oh my, John. Dear John, dear John, what coulda gone wrong? What coulda gone wrong, John? coo coo coo, Doves would sing
Bridge Song 04:32
Do not fall for love that's false Keep up your guard I know he don't love you. Feelings run rampant But they aren't always true. But I want you to know you deserve the best But I want you to know how I still pray for you. So many ways You are just a girl Stay alert And when temptation comes to you do what Joseph did Leave your coat And run. The world drifts overhead River's at my side Wondering through my youth I am alive! Still loving, still waiting, Still in love with you
It's getting dark It's getting cold I've been on this road too long All the pain, was it in vain? Do you even care that I even came? It's all the same Come here, and go away I remember when we used to play Play all our silly games. We were young and didn't care if the people sat and stared Am I someone special? I know I can't, will never forget your name. Fragile, bundle of emotions is you Sentimental, boy is me. Now you have gone away Gone a thousand miles from here I wonder what you are thinking tonight Do you remember me? Pretty soul Pretty smile Pretty face A girl saved by grace It's too good to be true I remember looking into your eyes Eyes that smile Same eyes that cry. Tears running down your face. Maybe one day I'll tell you Just how much I care. Maybe one day I'll tell you Of tears shed at midnight
Waiting 05:18
Hello sunny whether, I didn't expect you so soon, sometimes life is hard, its funny that way, I've been waiting for so long, no ones seen such beauty, no ones ever known such joy, youth gets wasted on the young, but who's there to say the best aint yet to come, I've been waiting for so long, I've been waiting my whole life for someone like you, there's no fear left in me, say the one I feel right no, a new journey has begun, but getting there is half the fun, I've been waiting for so long, mistakes of the past have been washed away, discard all the pain of yesterday, who needs yesterday, forgive forget.
When you wake up, Ill be waiting, to see your beautiful blood-shot eyes. Hello honey, I made you breakfast, I hope you don't mind your toast a little burnt. Lets run away for the weekend, cancel all and tell our friends were gone. When the bomb hits, your place will be the first I check for life, and if I don't find it there, I don't care if I find it anywhere. We will be happy together, throughout all sorts of whether, as the world bursts into flames well be the first ones laughing. We will go on tour and call it a vacation, who needs a map, who needs a destination, we got the road, we got some stars to guide us, were not alone we got someone beside us who NEVER DIES! So our happy couple drove off that night, and their friends when asked would say, they haven't seen em since that day, truth be told they arose the next morning and shared a donut on the hood of his car, what should great them? It wasn't the sun, but instead they were bathed in the warmth of what would be a nuclear sunrise and they never died.
Sum It Up 03:28
Sometimes I'm weary like from a war And it seems I've forgotten the score After all the contradictions I sum it up, The question of who I am: I am who you want me to be. Break me up, wake me up, take me away I won't stay here another day Break me up, wake me up, take me away. I am quite happy today And I don't know why.
The Days 02:53
Love shows through a hue of haze, its no wonder life is strange, I dont want to break the gaze, I cannot distinguish the days. Clouds come from rivers and fires from embers but water burns these tired old eyes.
I walk the streets of this old town tonight, there's a strange smell in the air and something don't seem right, as I step out from the curb the ambulance turns to the right, had they gone any faster they'd be taking me as well tonight. Because I'm a cold sickly creep. All of his friends held vidual though they know it was already too late, because nine his of heroine is too much for anyone to take, so the search lights search the sky, perhaps and angel would pass us bye and all of the bill boards are talking to me tonight, wrinkled and worn and tattered and torn they say hey boy you've gotta get warm! Well yesterday is a memory and tomorrow a dream and life love and death aint at all what they seem, and today I am dead and tomorrow alive may the morning come quickly that I might survive, should I fall off the bridge should I slip on the knife, dear God an answer I'm betting my life, tell me why! So the sun came up the next morning, soon came a quiet afternoon, its not my place to chose when it is I go.
Its a strange old feeling that's made new every time, I cant believe I made it back and I cant stop crying, don't mean to be a bother, I have but one request, when I think I have the strength, cut me off at the knees, and I cant believe it. Upon awaking I look up on a sky of blue in the middle of the night, enter a room of white and there in lies something familiar, like the smell of childhood. When I look up there stands a man who's hands have been cut, and the blood makes me clean, as I fall in his embrace. Sometimes I have no strength, sometimes I cant hold on, sometimes your sickly son cries "father, make me whole" life is better here, and I cant believe it.
14. Come down my line, wont you give me the time? Its a Grocery store love song. Well, hi there! How you all doing tonight? Hope you're doing fine! I'm a courtesy clerk at your local grocery store! (Which I won't give the name to) Yeah, I'll pack your bags! Count your beer cans too! Why? Well, that's simply what I do. Sometimes things are crazy around here, but between stocking milk and the shelves I'm only thinking of you! Well, I'm the number one clerk right now in seniority You know what that means? They gave me a ten cent raise. Now I'm making $6.60 an hour! But here's a little secret I'm gonna tell ya: I only make $5 after my union dues.
I've been up, I've been down Same stretch of 5 my whole life. Things won't always be this way I will get away. Dreaming from another coast Dreaming. I've been bound and confined Boxed in by these four streets. Things won't always be this way I will get away.
I sit down into the car seat, and I turn the stereo on, and this tape it sounds so good, I want to accept this as prophecy but you gotta accept the pavement before you walk the streets of gold. I'm finally leaving California, I can hardly believe it's true I'm so excited, though you'd never know it from my face. I'm heading north to the future to where my heart belongs. I want to thank you for the cold morn, thank you for the cup thank you for this hard chair and the coat over my arms. well bad coffee makes for good poetry and good poetry prevents a moment lost and a moment saved makes for a better life and a better life lasts till eternity .
3. Up until then I never smiled so big Up until then I never tried. I look back on my greatest days And I think of the life lost. It hurts. You bloom, you burn, You must learn. I return to the bridge Find my remains What happened here? And I find it strange That a boy Boy who dreamed so deep And who loved so much that those dreams don't form tangible In the real world.
Two Old Men 03:07
We were like two old men contemplating mortality talking about how we'd move opposing ends of the earth and as long as we don't fall off the edge and we don't drownd in our own beaches be assured that we'd meet again. you'd be a drifter and I a musician now I guess we were never that different and I won't forget those late-night session when we'd play our guitars. broken the silence most sacred with sound if we don't drownd in our own beaches. Time will bend and wounds will mend and we will always be friends, let's sing a song send the world to bed.
Sometimes I feel a little sober Sometimes I feel a little hung over It seems to me life will last. They were the happiest of times Full of smiles real and un-contrived Somehow I knew it wouldn't last. We go crazy . . . Sometimes I wish I was normal Sometimes I wish I couldn't feel a thing I miss the joy, not the pain. Do you remember the games we used to play? A warm feeling, a human touch. So much I still want to say. Goodbye, dear friend. Goodbye. Sometimes I don't like myself I can't bring myself to hate you That's just the way I was made. We go crazy. . . Goodbye.
On the other side of this country There's a girl with eyes that said “Hey boy, come on with me.” But a voice inside of my head Shall send me to hell as soon as to bed. But the Lord works in mysterious ways, Yeah, the Ghost moves in mysterious ways I'm only only afraid of the dark when I am with a friend So I'm only always terrified, Got these words inside of my mind The Spirit haunts me with the words of my friends That kept me from betraying you.
Sometimes it takes an ache in my heart to know that I still care Sometimes I wish that I could hold a memory Or be there in those photographs when you were there with me. Slow it down. Should I ever change? Become what I am not? I would ask of you. Ask you to take me down. And when I get home you'll be there waiting And we'll never grow old Friendship won't need repair And I'll feel the warmth of the sun before it peaks over the horizon And I'll cry, “Dear God! So this is what I worked for!” And I will rest I will sleep. Never be tired. Perfect relief. And I will drink. And I will eat. Never be hungry. Never be weak. And I will run. And laugh out loud. Never be weary. Perfect relief.
I don’t know what I would do with eternity When I trade in my hat for a crown I don’t know what I would do with a mansion An apartment in town would suit me just fine But to truly be in Your presence, now that would be nice. Such is the kingdom and the rest of my life. And I don’t know what I would do with eternity I guess you would make every day new Just to be with my friends and my wife and to play as children do for such is the kingdom and the rest of my life. And I’d visit my grandpa and the other heroes of old like Johnny Cash And John the Baptist and David would dance And we would write new songs to sing to you to sing to you now for such is the kingdom and rest of my life. Amen.
Breaking windows, we're stealing street signs, we're driving way too fast Let's drink a pint, light up our cigarettes, just like the other fools When I'm not at ease with the world and it seems I'll be alone my whole life. I just live about an hour and a half from the western sea So it's a real shame it's been so many years since I've seen the ocean.
In a coastal town, I'm fast asleep, In a coastal town, I'm fast asleep again. Sleep will not come 'till the dreamer dies in me, so now I sleep all day. On the city street, I'm fast asleep, On the city street, I'm fast asleep again. In a car's backseat, I'm fast asleep, In a leather seat, I'm fast asleep again. In your arms, I'm fast asleep, In your arms, I could not weep, In your arms, I'm fast asleep again.
Lately I've been thinking There's some things I'd like to change I'm dying in my own arms tonight I can't break free. Oh well. I'd spit on my own grave if that would make amends I just don't believe I deserve to be free. Oh well, This is the closest I'll be to hell. Grace is still amazing This much I know You value me much more Than I value myself. Oh well, This is the closest I'll be to hell.
I still love, love you Or at least I want to. Would you fulfill me like a prophecy? Cuz I'm tired, tired, tired Of being so empty Speak to me tenderly Or destroy me. Cuz I'm tired tired tired Of waiting out my time to die Make me useful cuz the world needs mending cuz the world needs mending And your wounds still show through every vein in your body Please come back for your bride Fell asleep while I was waiting. Like when the sunset makes the sea extend past the horizon it may not make sense now but when you see it It will. Prophecy prophecy a dollar a day.
Yet To Come 12:15
For this is the nature of things yet to come, the death of days and kingdom come, at the end of our age we’ll sing praise we’ll sing praise. And the saddest thing about this kind of love is that one day one of us will watch the other die Until that happens Until that happens know I’m safe know that I’m warm, know that I’ve come in from the storm. We need a medic, were all dieing and we don't know why.
Well, greetings from America, I am your janitor. I clean your floors When you step out of the office it's me with a vacuum and broom, I'm emptying your garbage and finding all your secrets Could you be more considerate when playing with your staples? Did you realize that the average vacuum won't pick them up So I'm spending hours on your floor underneath your desk I'm picking them out from the carpet with my health at risk It's a wonder that I'm not a arthritic yet at 20 years old But I'm sure that I'll be getting there before the story is told And we are all getting old, American Janitor, American Janitor, And we're all getting older. Well, you might make fun of us, but what do you make? Last time that I checked, ten dollars was my starting rate And that's just the way it goes when we're cleaning up your crap And do not complain when we're coming back to finish the job, we're finishing the job, we're finishing our jobs, And we all can sleep at night at home with our wives, (That is if I wasn't painfully single living in a shack on top of a mountain all by myself sleeping on the floor with my collection of CDs and a book of memories and a stack of car keys that I can't use because my car got destroyed. . . again.) American Janitor... And we're growing old-er every day.


For the passionate and the curious among our followers, we are excited to offer our completely remastered Early Years Collection. Long-time listeners can relive memories, and lovers of Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel will enjoy this tour of our folksy roots


released June 10, 2014


all rights reserved



Insomniac Folklore

Insomniac Folklore is a band of lovable hooligans who play songs of joy and doom.

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