Folklore, Narcissism, Destruction Split E​.​P.

by Insomniac Folklore

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Our friend Danielle wrote a critical / joke of an essay about Destroy Nate Allen, Insomniac Folklore and Self Proclaimed Narcissist. At first the essay stung a bit and then lightening struck!!!!

We had to release a split EP that included this amazing essay as the only liner notes. The album had include "covers" and "originals" by all three bands. It's hard to say who wrote which songs.. it's all become one big joke and I love it.

You see Tyler, Eric and I are all from the same small Oregon town of Roseburg. We've been friends for years and in more ways then one we probably inspired each other to be more creative. I know I've stolen an idea or 2 over the years.

So with in mind we have unleashed what is probably the most narcissist album in history. The art is packed full of epic and awkward photos and comes complete with an amazing essay exposing the dark side of Folklore, Narcissism and Destruction.

I'm also pretty stoked because I was able to design the artwork which if I do say so myself is worth the free cost of the download.

-Nate Allen

To collect all 9 songs and read the essay you must visit:

So there you have it, a scavenger hunt!!! Go!!!


released May 13, 2011

Recorded by Eric Carson, Nate Allen and Tyler Hentschel

Mastered by Tyler Hentschel



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Insomniac Folklore

Insomniac Folklore is a band of lovable hooligans that would probably be considered offensive, if only they weren’t so darned cute.


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